Privacy Policy

The ProNumerica applies best possible practices to protect all data
of the users.

The data provided by the users will be used only for the communication purposes
and will not be transferred or sold to other entities. The user is asked for only for
the necessary information in order to complete the specific activities.

The operator of can use the technologies that allow collecting
certain technical information, such as the IP address of the visitor, the type of
Internet browser and operating system used.

The operator of the website collects statistics about visiting the website

In order to improve the functioning of the website, the cookies
technology is applied. Cookies are data that a web server transfers to a local hard
disk of the user for recordkeeping purposes. Cookies do not collect any personal data.
At any time, the user may change cookies settings in his browser, including blocking them,
but in this case, we do not guarantee the correctness of the operation of the site.
Methods to block or delete these files varies depending on your web browser.

The operator of the website reserves the right to make changes in this Privacy Policy.

A user who does not accept the terms of the above policy is obliged
to leave the website.

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