Company address (virtual office)

We provide:

  • our address as the registered address for your company,
  • secretarial services.


  • reduced operating costs,
  • a distinct address for your business activities.

Distinguishes us:

  • a good location with excellent communications with the city centre-close to the Natolin metro station (Galeria Ursynów 1st floor),
  • close to a 24-hour Post Office - UP Warszawa 78, Belgradzka street 42 (100 metres away),
  • business hours Mon-Fr 10:00 AM -6:00 PM.

Your address will be Al. KEN 36/112B, which is serviced by the following:

  • Tax office Warszawa Ursynów, Wynalazek street 3, 02-677 Warszawa
  • ZUS Warszawa-Ursynów (ZUS III Oddział in Warszawa Agency Office) - Dembego street 23B, 02-796 Warszawa,
  • City office (Urząd m. st. Warszawy dla Dzielnicy Ursynów), Al. KEN 61, 02-777 Warszawa.

Virtual office is a solution you look for!


12 months *
6 months *
3 months *
monthly fee
59,00 zł / month
79,00 zł / month
99,00 zł / month
monthly fee
up to 1080.00 zł yearly
up to 840.00 zł yearly
up to 600.00 zł yearly
Extra services
email about received correspondence
0,00 zł (included)
scanning of received correspondence and sending by email
0.00 zł (included)
sending received correspondence by post office or courier
every time 4.90 zł + costs
telehpone number, answering the phone calls providing basic information on company
30.00 zł / month
fax number
20.00 zł / month

* All prices are net


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