We provide a full range of accountancy services, including::

  • comprehensive accountancy outsourcing or the outsourcing of selected accountancy functions only,
  • management information services.

In particular our services include:

  • bookkeeping (integrated accounting),
  • revenue and expense ledgers,,
  • general ledgers for the purposes of VAT, CIT and PIT,
  • settlements with the Polish Social Insurance Agency (ZUS),
  • statements for the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP),
  • statements customized in accordance with the individual needs of customers including consolidation packages/reports for the purposes of capital groups accountancy. Also available in English or Russian.

Financial advice and the establishment of a sound accounting policy that takes the unique needs of each entity into consideration and optimizes accountancy workflow in the company.

Customer benefits:

  • cost reduction,
  • rapid access to information in a user-friendly form, which is easy to process further.

Personnel and remunerations

We offer:

  • comprehensive personnel and remuneration services.

Our services include:

  • calculation of salaries, gratuities, compensation and other benefits payable to employees,
  • calculation of insurance and personal income tax (PIT),
  • preparation of settlements with the Polish Social Insurance Agency (ZUS) and the Polish tax office,
  • preparation and submission of reports and listings required by state authorities,
  • preparation and remittance of money transfers and pay slips,
  • provision of data and reports for Polish Social Insurance Agency (ZUS) and Polish tax office inspections,
  • record keeping including, employee attendance, absenteeism, medical, work safety and hygiene training.


Accounting office
Revenue and expense ledger
from 269,00 zł
Maintaining books of accounts (full bookkeeping)
from 599,00 zł
Lump sum record
from 269,00 zł
from 75,00 zł / person
from 75,00 zł / person
Additional services
Establishment of a one-person business activity
Establishment of a partnership, limited liability company
from 899,00 zł + costs
Business year close-up and balance sheet preparation
monthly fee
Accountancy policy preparation
Workflow rules preparation
Establishment of bank accounts plan
Commission agreement preparation
Cash report preparation
from 29,00 zł / page

* All prices are net 

On request we collect documents from customer.
We provide our services also in customer offices.


Bring a new customer with you

1 month of services free of charge

New business activity

25% discount for three months

Change your accountancy office

50% discount for one month

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