Shelf companies

Thanks to our practical experience and knowledge of Polish law, we are able to provide our customers with newly registered companies (off-the-shelf companies). These entities are established and registered as limited liability companies.

The benefits of purchasing an off-the-shelf company:

  • the entity is fully ready to conduct business activity (companies have a KRS number /National Court Register Number/, a NIP /tax identification number/ and a REGON /statistical number/), with a bank account, registration as an active VAT payer (including EU VAT) - everything needed to legally conduct business in Poland and the EU,
  • business activities, including making investments, purchasing real estate and securing a bank loan, can be undertaken on the day of purchase,
  • the possibility to use the arising business occasions - some tender procedures and financing application procedures provides the customer with a distinct business entity or special purpose vehicle (SPV),


  • purchasing a pre-established SPV reduces the time needed to prepare investments from a legal point of view,
  • no need to perform the painstaking, time-consuming and inconvenient registration procedures yourself,
  • no history and no former business activity equals no company liabilities and no debt,
  • the speed and efficiency of the purchase itself - the transfer of ownership requires only the conclusion of a written purchase agreement concerning the shares in the company with signatures certified by a notary.

We guarantee security and transparency.


Company registration
from 899,00 zł (+ registration costs)
from 4899,00 zł

* All prices are net


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